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Online Cult: The Rashad Jamal Case

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Delve into the perplexing world of Rashad Jamal and the University of Cosmic Intelligence online cult in this in-depth exploration.

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online cult

In the digital age, the reach of charismatic leaders and their online cult extends beyond physical boundaries. The alarming case of Rashad Jamal, an online prophet and founder of the University of Cosmic Intelligence, brings to light the unsettling intersection of online cults, real-world disappearances, and the pervasive influence of digital platforms. This comprehensive article delves into the specific tactics employed by Jamal’s cult, provides historical insights on cults, explores the role of digital technology and the metaverse in their activities, and examines the financial aspects of the University of Cosmic Intelligence.

Online Cult: The Rashad Jamal Case

Tactics Employed by (Online) Cults

Cult manipulation tactics: why do people join cults?
Cult manipulation tactics: why do people join cults?

Rashad Jamal’s online cult utilized a series of manipulative tactics to control its followers:

  1. Isolation: Cult leaders isolate followers, fostering dependency on the cult for emotional support.
  2. Indoctrination: Jamal’s teachings blend spirituality and conspiracy theories, shaping a unique worldview.
  3. Financial Exploitation: Arbitrary pricing of items and uniform enrollment fees raise financial transparency concerns.
  4. Online Presence: Extensive use of digital platforms for recruitment showcases the cult’s influence.
  5. Meditation as Control: Naked meditation fosters unity while potentially making followers more vulnerable.

The six missing individuals, including two young children, reportedly disappeared from a rental home near Lambert St. Louis Airport on August 13, 2023. The Berkeley Police Department identified them as 25-year-old Mikayla Thompson, 30-year-old Naaman Williams, 27-year-old Gerrielle German, two-year-old Ashton Williams, 36-year-old Ma’Kayla Wickerson, and three-year-old Malaiyah Wickerson.

The individuals had allegedly become part of a spiritual cult following Jamal’s teachings. The cult’s leader, Rashad Jamal, a self-proclaimed “prophet” and rapper, had tens of thousands of followers across various social media platforms. Disturbingly, the missing adults were last seen at a Quality Inn Hotel in Florissant, Missouri, all sharing a common thread – their allegiance to Rashad Jamal.

Cults in ancient societies

religious cults in ancient societies
religious cults in ancient societies

While the tactics used by the University of Cosmic Intelligence are modern, the concept of cults itself is deeply rooted in history. From ancient oracles to more recent tragedies like Jonestown in 1978, charismatic leaders have drawn followers into alternative belief systems. The historical context sheds light on recurring patterns and emphasizes the need to understand the evolution of cults in the face of changing societal landscapes.

Online Cult and the Metaverse

online cult in the metaverse

In the 21st century, cults have seamlessly integrated into the digital landscape, expanding their reach globally. Rashad Jamal’s online presence, boasting nearly 190,000 followers on TikTok, over 10,000 on X, and 90,000 on Instagram, exemplifies the power of technology in recruiting and disseminating ideologies. The emergence of the metaverse provides new, virtual spaces for cults to manipulate and control individuals, presenting unprecedented challenges for authorities and society alike.

Rashad Jamal’s Online Cult Influence

Despite facing legal consequences, including an 18-year prison sentence for child molestation and cruelty to children, Jamal continues to exert influence from behind bars. In a YouTube video posted in the first week of 2024, he asserted his innocence, claiming to have broken no laws except speaking out against oppression. Jamal’s followers, numbering in the tens of thousands, are drawn to his unconventional beliefs, including the notion that people are “avatars” and that various conspiracy theories, such as government-operated bird drones, hold truth.

The Online Cult and its’ Financial Practices

The financial aspect of the University of Cosmic Intelligence raises questions about the cult’s operations. The website, adorned with items like crystals and crystal accessories, lists these items at seemingly arbitrary prices. Some examples include $333.33, $222, or $119.99 for various products. The website also offers enrollment packages for lectures, blog posts, videos, and merchandise, all priced uniformly at $333.33. Additionally, Jamal solicits $9 donations through YouTube to support his family.

Connection to Criminal Activities

In 2022, Fox News Digital reported that several of Jamal’s followers, including Damien Winslow Washam, Krystal Diane Pinkins, and Yasmine Hider, had been accused of two separate murders in Alabama. Washam was found not guilty of killing his mother with a sword by reason of insanity.

In the beginning of 2024, Pinkins and Hider were sentenced for killing 22-year-old Adam Sinjee, who was hiking with his girlfriend in the Talladega National Forest in Alabama. Pinkins and Hider staged a car breakdown, robbed them, and allegedly had connections to Jamal’s work through social media. These incidents add a dark layer to the investigation, revealing the potential real-world consequences of Jamal’s influence on his followers.

Legal Challenges and Public Perception of an Online Cult

Jamal’s legal troubles have not diminished his online presence or the support from certain followers. Despite being incarcerated, he continues to maintain his innocence, highlighting the challenge of addressing charismatic leadership within the bounds of legal frameworks. The delicate balance between preserving freedom of belief and preventing harm to individuals influenced by leaders like Jamal underscores the complexity of the case.


The Rashad Jamal case serves as a poignant example of the evolving nature of cults in the digital age. Understanding the specific details of this case – the missing individuals, the financial aspects of the cult, the legal challenges, and the connection to criminal activities – is crucial in unraveling the complex web woven by charismatic leaders. As authorities intensify their search for the missing individuals, society must grapple with the intricate interplay of belief systems, technology, and the consequences of charismatic leadership in the modern world.

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