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Ketamine for PTSD: Exploring the Promise of Psychedelic Therapies

From the rapid relief offered by ketamine for PTSD, to psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and Ayahuasca, learn about the evolution of mental health care.

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INFJ Personality Type

Learn all about the INFJ Personality Type. Delve into their strengths, weaknesses, relationship matches, art preferences and career path.

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Can A Child Overdose On Melatonin Gummies?

”Introducing melatonin early in life could also have another unintended consequence, said Hartstein: It could send a message that, if you have trouble sleeping, a pill is the answer”

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Ancient Sexual Practices: Harems & The Eunuch

Unveil the secrets of ancient civilizations in this exploration of harems, eunuch, and the meaning of other historical sexual practices.

brain drugs mental health psychedelics psychology ptsd trauma

MDMA for PTSD Therapy: A Promising Breakthrough in Mental Health Treatment and the Role of Other Psychedelics

Discover the future of innovative therapies like mdma ptsd therapy and their impact on those seeking relief from trauma.

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8000 Steps A Day: Walking Towards Immortality!

Embark on a journey to better health and immortality with our in-depth exploration of the science behind 8000 steps a day.

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Body Doubling in ADHD Management

Explore body doubling in ADHD. Dive into the underlying principles, discover why it works, and weigh the pros and cons.

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Metaphors: The Art Of Persuasion

Unlock the art of persuasion with metaphors! Learn about embodied cognition, the cognitive ease, and the linguistics that power them. From “Big Brother” to the “Butterfly Effect”

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Object Permanence in ADHD: Boost Your Brain

Delve into the complexities of object permanence in ADHD, exploring the science behind it and associated challenges, and how to train it!

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The Bird Test: A New TikTok Trend

Explore the bird test, from its roots in the Gottman Institute’s relationship research to becoming a viral TikTok trend.