AI genereret AI på afveje kunst kunstig intelligens chatgpt databehandling intelligens samfund

Billeder af kunstig intelligens: Omdefinering af kunst, kultur og medier

AI's indflydelse på kreativitet, kultur og medier: fra billeder af kunstig intelligens, der omdefinerer kunst, til dens rolle i skabelsen af indhold.

Kulter historie menneskelig adfærd Metaverse Psykologi samfund

Religiøse kulter i antikke samfund til moderne historie

Religiøse kulter i antikke samfund: fra det antikke Grækenland til mysticisme, fremkomsten af kulter i Amerika og globaliseringen af internetbaserede bevægelser.

kunstig intelligens hjerne databehandling menneskelig adfærd intelligens filosofi

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in the Age of AI

Learn about Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, its’ original 8 forms and the extended 12 types of intelligence, in the age of AI.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence

Delve into the Types of Artificial Intelligence: Its’ history, modern applications, and the ethical challenges AI brings

kunstig intelligens hjerne databehandling Robotteknologi

Følelsesmæssig kunstig intelligens: Kan AI blive sulten?

Emotional artificial intelligence: can AI get hungry?

algoritmer kunstig intelligens Kulter Metaverse

Metaverse-kulter: De teknologisk revitaliserende sekter

Metaverse cults are becoming a reality. When thinking of cults, we usually think about charismatic cult leaders, people living in isolated communities on remote farms, being subjected to manipulation, brainwashing and other forms of psychological (and physical) abuse. Not something any of us is ever likely to personally see or experience but safely through our […]

algoritmer kunstig intelligens chatgpt

ChatGPT and Plagiarism: Navigating the Challenges of AI in Academia

In an innovative new study, researchers prompted and questioned ChatGPT to produce academic-style content. The researchers wrote the discussion section of the paper without the software’s influence and highlighted that the study demonstrates the new levels of sophistication that AI offers and address the use of ChatGPT and plagiarism as concerns about academic integrity and […]

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The Dark Side of AI in Public Service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, but as we increasingly rely on these technologies, it’s crucial that we ensure they are designed, implemented, and monitored in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as numerous examples of the dark side of AI […]

algoritmer bier databehandling flora & fauna Insekter

Algorithms in Nature

Algorithms in ancient times When you think of algorithms, you’re probably thinking of Wall Street supercomputers whizzing around making thousands of calculations and transactions in a fraction of a second or social media companies monitoring your every click and comment, targeting you with ads and polarizing content. The concept of an algorithm however, has been […]

algoritmer databehandling sociale medier

Fix polarisering: Begynd at scrolle skæv.

The rise of Facebook (est. 2004) and Twitter (est. 2006), coupled with the coinciding increase in polarization, has been a hot topic in recent years. The basis of the discussion always seems to come down to striking a balance between profit and polarization. Solutions on how to fix polarization have been proposed by many: activists, […]