Kulter historie menneskelig adfærd Metaverse Psykologi samfund

Religiøse kulter i antikke samfund til moderne historie

Religiøse kulter i antikke samfund: fra det antikke Grækenland til mysticisme, fremkomsten af kulter i Amerika og globaliseringen af internetbaserede bevægelser.

AI genereret AI på afveje algoritmer kunstig intelligens chatgpt databehandling intelligens Metaverse Robotteknologi sociale medier samfund

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Delve into the Types of Artificial Intelligence: Its’ history, modern applications, and the ethical challenges AI brings

algoritmer kunstig intelligens Kulter Metaverse

Metaverse-kulter: De teknologisk revitaliserende sekter

Metaverse cults are becoming a reality. When thinking of cults, we usually think about charismatic cult leaders, people living in isolated communities on remote farms, being subjected to manipulation, brainwashing and other forms of psychological (and physical) abuse. Not something any of us is ever likely to personally see or experience but safely through our […]