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Сознание после смерти: Люди осознают себя в течение часа после остановки сердца

В ходе новаторского исследования, посвященного тайнам жизни и смерти, ученые обнаружили поразительные факты о том, что происходит, когда у человека останавливается сердце. Долгое время считалось, что когда сердце перестает биться, мозг также отключается в течение нескольких минут. Однако новое исследование позволяет предположить нечто необычное: [...]...

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Bumble Sex Positivity: Что это такое?

What is Sex Positivity? Sex positivity is a social and cultural movement that promotes an open and affirmative attitude towards all aspects of human sexuality. It encourages the idea that consensual sexual expression, in all its forms, is healthy, natural, and a fundamental aspect of human identity and well-being. The sex positivity movement seeks to […]

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Культ Исиды: Непреходящее наследие Древнего Египта

The Cult of Isis, one of the most revered and enduring religious movements of ancient Egypt, holds a special place in the annals of history. Centered around the veneration of the goddess Isis, this cult not only captivated the hearts and minds of the Egyptians but also spread its influence far beyond the borders of […]

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Творческое мышление: Ключ к успеху?

Creativity, that spark of innovation and imagination, is a quintessential human trait that has shaped the course of history. But where does creative thinking come from? How has it evolved over time? To understand this remarkable cognitive phenomenon, we embark on a journey through the annals of history and explore the origins and development of […]

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Unlocking Your Career Potential: How the MBTI Can Guide Your Career Choices

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely recognized tool for understanding personality differences. It categorizes individuals into one of 16 personality types based on their preferences in four key areas: Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P). Understanding your MBTI […]


Эволюция цветового зрения

Color vision is a remarkable sensory adaptation that has evolved independently in various animal species. It allows organisms to perceive and differentiate between a wide range of colors in their environment. The evolution of color vision can be traced back to the ancestral vertebrates, which likely possessed only two types of photoreceptor cells sensitive to […]