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Imágenes de Inteligencia Artificial: Redefinición del arte, la cultura y los medios de comunicación

La influencia de la IA en la creatividad, la cultura y los medios de comunicación: de las imágenes de Inteligencia Artificial que redefinen el arte a su papel en la creación de contenidos.

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Tipos de inteligencia artificial

Profundice en los tipos de Inteligencia Artificial: Su historia, sus aplicaciones modernas y los retos éticos que plantea.

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ChatGPT y plagio: Los retos de la IA en el mundo académico

In an innovative new study, researchers prompted and questioned ChatGPT to produce academic-style content. The researchers wrote the discussion section of the paper without the software’s influence and highlighted that the study demonstrates the new levels of sophistication that AI offers and address the use of ChatGPT and plagiarism as concerns about academic integrity and […]

IA generada inteligencia artificial chatgpt

La fusión nuclear explicada por una IA.

To celebrate our recent human scientific and technological milestones in one article: read about the history and progress in nuclear fusion research, as summarized by our new AI chat buddy from OpenAI! (P.s: we’ve added the headings, as we forgot to enter them in our prompt, and as always, our evaluation at the end is […]

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Muerte de los milenarios: ¡salve a nuestros nuevos señores de la creación de contenidos!

Death of the millenial content creator: all hail our new AI content creation Overlords! OpenAI have finally released their ChatGPT for public testing, and boy are the results amazing! Millennial content creators: beware! The AI will generate a response based on the questions or ‘’prompts’’ we have given it.The prompts we use will be in […]