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ChatGPT y plagio: Los retos de la IA en el mundo académico

In an innovative new study, researchers prompted and questioned ChatGPT to produce academic-style content. The researchers wrote the discussion section of the paper without the software’s influence and highlighted that the study demonstrates the new levels of sophistication that AI offers and address the use of ChatGPT and plagiarism as concerns about academic integrity and […]

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El lado oscuro de la IA en la función pública

La inteligencia artificial y el aprendizaje automático tienen el potencial de revolucionar la forma en que vivimos y trabajamos, pero a medida que dependemos cada vez más de estas tecnologías, es crucial que nos aseguremos de que se diseñan, implementan y supervisan de manera ética. Por desgracia, no siempre es así, ya que numerosos ejemplos del lado oscuro de la IA [...]

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Algoritmos en la naturaleza

Algorithms in ancient times When you think of algorithms, you’re probably thinking of Wall Street supercomputers whizzing around making thousands of calculations and transactions in a fraction of a second or social media companies monitoring your every click and comment, targeting you with ads and polarizing content. The concept of an algorithm however, has been […]

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Fijar la polarización: Empezar a desplazarse Stoned.

The rise of Facebook (est. 2004) and Twitter (est. 2006), coupled with the coinciding increase in polarization, has been a hot topic in recent years. The basis of the discussion always seems to come down to striking a balance between profit and polarization. Solutions on how to fix polarization have been proposed by many: activists, […]