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Fugletesten: En ny TikTok-trend

Explore the bird test, from its roots in the Gottman Institute’s relationship research to becoming a viral TikTok trend.

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Scary Science: The Mysteries Behind Halloween Chills

Scary Science: Discover the psychological, physiological, and evolutionary aspects that make fear a central element of Halloween!

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Topp 10 av de mest skremmende paringsritualene

The natural world is a realm of astonishing beauty and wonder, where countless species engage in intricate dances of survival and reproduction. However, hidden within the realms of nature’s tapestry lies a darker, more gruesome side to the process of procreation. Across various taxonomic groups, some animals display mating rituals that are nothing short of […]

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Tool Use in Animals

Tool use, once considered a hallmark of human uniqueness, has emerged as a fascinating aspect that bridges the gap between humans and animals. Long celebrated as a defining feature of human evolution and civilization, the skillful use of tools has proven to be an adaptive strategy employed by both humans and select animal species. From […]

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Den globale oppvarmingens presserende realiteter

Ifølge 50 ledende forskere har den menneskeskapte globale oppvarmingen fortsatt å øke med en "enestående hastighet" siden den siste store vurderingen av klimasystemet ble publisert for to år siden. Global oppvarming og Paris-avtalen Paris-avtalen har som mål å begrense den globale oppvarmingen til 1,5 grader Celsius over førindustrielt nivå.

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Algorithms in Nature

Algorithms in ancient times When you think of algorithms, you’re probably thinking of Wall Street supercomputers whizzing around making thousands of calculations and transactions in a fraction of a second or social media companies monitoring your every click and comment, targeting you with ads and polarizing content. The concept of an algorithm however, has been […]

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Killer bees

With World Bee Day coming up, let’s take a closer look at one of the most fascinating bee species on the planet: The killer bee. Origins of Africanized honey bees While their cousins are know to help police catch serial killers, Africanized bees prefer to do the killing themselves. In the 1950s, Brazilian researchers attempted […]

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Honey bees’ life expectancy is plummeting

The world may soon be infested with serial killers. As we all know, honey bees play a crucial role in catching the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and more. If we don’t act now, the serial killers will prevail. All joking aside, honey bee lifespans are 50% shorter than they were fifty years ago. […]

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Bees help police catch serial killers

If you’ve been bingeing Netflix’ serial killers series and you’re worried you might be living next-door to another Jeffrey Dahmer, you need not worry; he or she probably won’t pick you as their next victim, at least according to science and the study of the humble bumblebee. In order to track down and catch serial […]