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ダークエンパス: ダーク・エンパス共感することの邪悪な側面を解き明かす


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Giftige familiedynamikker: Strategier for modstandsdygtighed i ferien

Naviger i giftig familiedynamik under ferien: Lær at håndtere manipulation, gaslighting og narcissisme, og prioritér dit eget velbefindende.

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Ghosting and Gaslighting: Unraveling the Psychological Web

Unravel the silent pain of ghosting, its connection to gaslighting, and the psychological concepts involved.

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ADHD Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Delve into the complex world of ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), learn about: symptoms, causes and treatments.

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Fra Freud til vibratorer: Maskinen til behandling af kvindelig hysteri i det 19. århundrede 

Female Hysteria, a term historically associated with mysterious physical and emotional symptoms primarily experienced by women, played a significant role in the annals of medical history. Over centuries, it underwent a transformation in both understanding and treatment. One of the most intriguing aspects of this evolution is the connection between hysteria, “hysterical paroxysm” and the […]

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Long COVID Medical Gaslighting: When Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe You.

Read about the effects and consequences of medically gaslighting long covid sufferers, and how the situation can be improved

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Emotional Vampire: The Story of Lily and Alex

Are you ever left feeling emotionally exhausted and drained after spending time with certain friends? You’re not alone! We’ve all encountered those puzzling individuals who seem to possess an uncanny ability to suck the life out of us emotionally. Welcome to the world of draining friendships, where the emotional vampire lurks, leaving us feeling spent […]

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When your Doctor doesn’t believe you: Medical Gaslighting in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a complex and debilitating condition, affects millions of individuals worldwide. Sadly, many patients with CFS encounter an additional hurdle in their healthcare journey: the disbelief of doctors. This phenomenon can create a situation of medical gaslighting experienced by CFS patients. Let’s explore this narrative to gain a deeper understanding of the […]

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Når din læge ikke tror på dig: At navigere i medicinsk gaslighting

Når vi går til lægen, forventer vi at blive hørt, forstået og behandlet med respekt. Men for mange patienter er det ikke altid tilfældet. Når læger afviser eller ugyldiggør vores oplevelser og symptomer, kan det få os til at føle os frustrerede, forvirrede og endda gasset. Dette fænomen, kendt som medicinsk gaslighting, kan have alvorlige konsekvenser for [...]

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Den skjulte skade ved gaslighting på arbejdspladsen

Gaslighting is a manipulative technique used by individuals to make others question their own perceptions and memories. While it is commonly associated with personal relationships, gaslighting can also occur in the workplace. This article will examine the signs of gaslighting in a professional setting, its impact on employees, and steps that can be taken to […]